How To Delegate And Automate Real Estate Investing

Co-ordinating the tasks involved in real estate investing and time management can be a big challenge for most real estate investors. When you are doing your marketing, buying and selling houses as well as other tasks, life can get pretty hectic. When you lose this efficiency, you end up losing opportunities and good deals. In this article we point out how to become more efficient and close more deals while spending less money, time and effort.

In order to run your real estate investing business successfully, you need to have several things in place: 1) Real estate investor website When you start investing in real estate, a real estate investor website must be one of the first things you get. A good website must serve several important tasks: i) It tells your story for you ii) It must attract and capture leads for you iii) It must actively follow up with the leads using in-built follow-up autoresponders to increase conversion iv) It must pre-screen leads for you and pre-negotiate with them for you v) It must have inbuilt tools to sell houses, and actively build your buyers lists to sell your houses faster as well as contact management tools to market to your mailing lists vi) It must be equipped with squeeze pages and E-books for targeted marketing vii) It must be equipped with automation features such as reminders and autoresponder These are only a few guidelines that work to make your work easier and more efficient. Check the end of this article for a recommended website. 2) Personal assistant This is the person that helps you with most of the daily tasks that tie you down un-necessarily. If you have a lot of leads coming in, you quickly find yourself overwhelmed just by the marketing aspect of your business. If you have to do it all yourself, you can easily find yourself frustrated. In a market with so many job seekers, it easy to find someone to assist you.

A simple posting on Craigslist can give you over 100 applicants for such a position. All my leads in my business come through my real estate investor website. While half of them sign up directly on my website, about half prefer to call. Those that sign up on the website are fully pre-screened. If they prefer to call, they must be motivated enough to leave a voice message. My virtual assistant then calls them, pre-screens them and enters all this information on my website. My leads therefore all come fully pre-screened and pre-negotiated, taking me just a few minutes to tell if to follow up or not. Of course there are many other tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant to make your work more efficient. 3) Power team You must build a team of professionals that deliver real estate services. You must have a real estate attorney or title company, inspector, contractors, real estate agents, etc that you need from time to time. You end up delegating most parts of your business to these people so that you increase efficiency and close more deals.