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Direct Marketing Elements That Deliver Results In Real Estate Investing

Success in real estate investing largely depends on successful marketing of your business. Targeted direct mail delivers excellent results given two conditions:

1) That your leads are well targeted – for example if you are targeting motivated sellers, that you reach people who NEED to sell their houses

2) That your direct marketing piece – your letters or post cards must stick out from the pile and convince them to act NOW

In this article, we focus on effective tips that guarantee success of your direct marketing.

Laser targeted leads

If your leads are not well targeted, you are unlikely to get good results.

If you target motivated sellers for instance, you must target

i) People who really NEED to sell their houses – such as people going through divorce, bankruptcy, probates, burned landlords, expired listings, etc. In other words, your target is people who find that their house has become a liability in their life and they must get rid of it now

ii) Specific neighborhoods and price ranges – your business model is the most likely determining factor for this

iii) Equity – depending on your business model, you might need people who have some equity in their houses In this case, someone who refinanced or bought their house last year may not be your best bet

Unique marketing proposition

You are likely to get minimal response if your marketing piece looks just like the other “We Buy Houses” mail. Your marketing must stick out from the rest:

i) Noticeable mail piece – use post cards with screaming colors. Red, yellow, green and blue seem to give me excellent results in my marketing. In other words in a pile of mail that motivated sellers receive, they must be able to instantly pick yours out of curiosity.

If you send letters, they must stick out from all the other bills, and junk mail they receive every day. A regular envelop hand-written in red with a big odd postal stamp gets excellent results.

You can also use odd-sized or colored envelops to increase noticeability.

ii) Powerful headline – it must compel the reader to continue reading

iii) Personalized – whenever possible, your letters should be fully personalized. They must feel you are addressing their personal needs

iv) Powerful content – you must agitate the reader to really NEED what you are offering by stating the problem and offering the solution

v) Benefits – The solution you offer must include benefits of taking up your offer. They need to see you as the only person capable of providing a solution to their problem. You must create an offer they cannot resist

vi) Deadline – you must have a deadline in all your marketing a specific date. Or you can tell them you need to buy only one more house. This gives them a reason to act NOW!

vii) Call to action – you must tell the reader what they need to do next. Go to this website and sign up. Pick up the phone and call this number now. It must be precise and direct

viii) P.S. – most people read the P.S. before anything else. It needs to re-state the benefits, deadline and call to action to be effective.

Five Good Reasons To Invest in Mississauga Homes For Sale

Choosing right place for property investment is a task. The place where in your investment doubles is already so high that it is out of your reach to spend. Some places are within your reach of budget but the return to investment value is so meager that you possible may need to wait your whole life for the property to pick a good price for sale or valuation. So you naturally turn your heads to places which are somewhere between the picture of low and high end. These places are high on projective growth and promise a better value property in near future. For instance if in Canada you got to choose between Toronto homes or Mississauga homes for sale, you definitely will be on side of Toronto but here you need to be smart buyer. Even if you are taking loan for buying at Toronto real estate it is wise not to leave option for investment in Mississauga.

Every city has its own features to call you for a living. Toronto has one style of living and Mississauga has the other. Where Toronto is great for singles, a family life is what more predominant in Mississauga. If night life is good at Toronto, you may get a hard time finding it in Mississauga.

As far as the property investments are concerned the city of Mississauga gives you fine reasons to have one.

Mississauga the 6th largest city in Canada has quite many reasons today to be one of your options. Let’s see some major benefits of investing in Mississauga.

1. A place of strong communities and active social life makes this city a very happening area. Local government being business friendly have given quite opportunities for growth in business sectors here.

2. The city provides the infrastructure with extensive telecommunications, fantastic transportation links, credit river valley to provide scenic natural locations, housing options with best quality, safest city as per the crime study, continuous measures towards improving living and health of citizens by public and private firms.

3. Office space of 3.7 million square feet and real estate opportunities at prime locations is what this city is providing.

4. At commuting distance of Mississauga you will find almost 11 universities and 10 colleges. Two school boards namely the peel and dufferin peel catholic provides excellent education, training and career opportunities to the residents.

5. The city also inhabits cultural diversity and historic beauty to catch your eye for art and entertainment.

Property Investment

What is Lease Options?

If the seller wants to stop paying mortgage on property and move on without selling at below its full market value, this is another way of not fully giving up ownership, but leasing the property for a period of time, usually between 5 and 15 years or more depending on the agreement between both parties. A lease option gives the buyer an option of buying the property at an agreed amount at a future date. This is common when a property has little or no equity.

Selling a property through an estate agent in the current market can take several months. In some situation, the estate agents could ask the seller to reduce the price to create interest, but still, the property is not sold and the seller may be in dire need to move on, especially if the property is negative equity. However, selling to a cash buyer a property with zero equity requires a discount of about 25% and the seller may not be in the position to reduce the price.

Lease Options enables the seller, to grant the buyer an option to buy the property at close to the property’s full market value based on today’s market in the future. This enables the buyer to take over the mortgage payments, maintenance and upkeep. It gives the seller or property owner the freedom to move on in life without thinking of any mortgage payment.

A typical example of a lease option is thus – let’s assume a property is in the market for 100,000. There is an outstanding mortgage of 80,000, monthly mortgage of 500. In order to attract interest, the seller needs to reduce the property price to probably 80,000. In doing so, he will not make any profit at all from the sale and worst still, it could take between 6 to 18 months or more to sell. This means he will continue to pay the monthly mortgage.

With lease options, the seller could grant us an option to buy the property for 90,000 within the next 5 years or at an agreed period of time. During this time, the buyer will be responsible for the monthly mortgage payment, carry out maintenance and total upkeep of the property. If he (buyer) chose to exercise the option to buy the property at anytime within the option period, the seller will make 10,000 profit after paying off the mortgage of 80,000. Should the buyer chose not to exercise the option to buy at the end of the period for any reason, or the seller chose not to sell, the property would be returned to the seller in very good condition probably with improvements made to it. At this time, the seller has saved himself from the burden of paying mortgage, benefited from a long period of not even thinking about mortgage nightmare and the property had experienced significant capital growth.

These are some of the scenarios where lease options apply:

If the owner is facing mortgage arrears;

If the owner is facing repossession, especially on a property with zero equity;

If the owner want to move on quickly, burden of mortgage, council tax, maintenance;

If the owner do not need lump sum of cas0h to move immediately;

Lease Options is a free service and can be completed within 28 days in most cases.

For further information on how to sell your house fast, property related query or lease options, please contact

Good Buys in Real Estate Santa Cruz CA

Santa Cruz in California lands on the list of best places to live year in and year out, thus reflecting a quality of life that is apparently lacking in other places. Good climate, an engaged community of diverse population, and its advantageous proximity to the San Francisco Bay areas and Monterey make Santa Cruz real estate hard to refuse. Tagged as a desirable place to live, residential homes are seeing a growing demand. Property developers and investors are trying to keep up with such growth by constructing more homes and residential condominiums. This drives the prices of housing in Santa Cruz to be on the high side but with what you will get out of it, will make it practically a good buy.

Santa Cruz boasts of its natural outdoor beauty that is hard to match by any of its neighboring cities. The kind of real estate Santa Cruz, CA offers is one that accepts urban growth while maintaining a small-town feel. The place is a mix of fantastic beaches, redwood-abundant mountains and forests, top-notch university and schools, rich literary, theater and music lineage and history and everything else that will make your life comfortable and pleasant.

In terms of real estate Santa Cruz, CA offers a myriad of apartments, commercial real estate development, residential homes and condominiums or luxury flats with magnificent views of the ocean. Interested home buyers will probably get confused as to which property to choose because every property on the lists is a potential good buy. Beach front homes will satisfy those who love the sun and water and all the water sports activities that go with it – surfing, swimming, diving, snorkeling, paddling, etc. Budget restrictions may drive you down a bit further but the beach is always a walking distance away.

If you need quiet solitude and calm, serene surroundings, you might like trying the mountainous regions in the outskirts of Santa Cruz. Providing a magnificent backdrop against your home are the towering redwood-forested mountains that majestically and proudly stand in all its splendor. Nature lovers will find this part of the region serenely comforting and relaxing, keeping the bustling city life a far distance away.

If a good buy means having everything, then Santa Cruz real estate will easily qualify. It is strategically located giving easy access to two premier cities, San Francisco and San Jose. Santa Cruz is practically right in the center of California so accessibility to other parts of the Golden State will not be a problem. You can have lots of surfing and beach frolicking day in and day out. There’s no need to go on holiday because it’s right there. Seaside living cannot be as much pleasurable as it is in Santa Cruz. You have the opportunity to own homes fronting the beautiful beaches. The mountains, great outdoors, natural and regional parks, venues for arts and culture, great places showcasing authentic Santa Cruz cuisine, great bargains for local and foreign shoppers, and many more – they all can be found in Santa Cruz.

Negative Equity Remains a Drag on Housing Market

Generally I think we are seeing strong signs of an emerging recovery in the housing market in are going to see strong sales growth,” Zillow Chief Economist Stan Humphries said. But “generally our thesis is that the bottom is going to be a pretty long and rocky affair, and people shouldn’t expect a V-shaped recovery. And we are not going back to the go-go years.

Underwater homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and San Diego counties were a staggering $138.9 billion deep in negative equity at the end of the first quarter, Zillow reported. Nationally, underwater borrowers owe about $1.2 trillion more than what those properties are worth, Zillow new Zillow data show the severity of the negative equity problem down to the ZIP Code level in Southern data indicate that cities farthest from major job centers are now the deepest underwater. More than 60% of loans were underwater in places such as Palmdale and Lancaster in the high desert, and San Bernardino and Hemet in the Inland Empire.

Neighborhoods with ZIP Codes holding the highest percentage of negative-equity homes included downtown Los Angeles, parts of Adelanto and Victorville, and the Lake Los Angeles section of the Antelope Valley, according to Zillow. The firm calculated the percentages by matching the estimated value of properties to all outstanding mortgage debt and lines of credit associated with those homes, as supplied by the credit firm TransUnion.

The plunge in home values led many experts to predict that homeowners would walk away from their properties in droves – making a calculated decision that staying in a home worth less than the debt on it made little financial sense. That big wave has not materialized.Richard Green, director of the USC Lusk Center for Real Estate, has studied the issue and found that borrowers who had put higher down payments on their properties were less likely to abandon their homes even if they couldn’t sell their homes for enough to pay off their mortgages.

People don’t like to walk away from something they have put money into,” Green said. “People seem to hate realizing losses.

Instead, negative equity has created a drag on mobility and home-price appreciation as people have gotten stuck in their homes.Before the crash, people would trade their starter homes after a few years for bigger ones.

Moving up was so common that chains of buyers and sellers would develop, with each deal dependent on another. The breaking of that chain has created a significant drag on the market, economists said.

Nevertheless, G.U. Krueger, principal of , said that a significant number of potential move-up buyers with equity in their homes remains. What would help the market is an increased certainty that the economy is headed in the right direction.

There does seem to be a lot of positive equity left,” he said. “If consumer confidence returns to the market, it could turn into a little bit of a move-up market, which could be the surprise of the season.

Chennai Sees a Gradual Growth in Residential Property Market

Chennai’s residential property market has witnessed a gradual growth in terms of valuation, demand and provide within the past 2 years post the economic recession. Town has generally been a base for the automobile/auto adjuvant business and is one in every of the premier port cities within the country.

With the appearance of the IT sector, Chennai’s residential realty market has become progressively hooked into its growth and expansion for continuing residential demand. The present state of affairs of job stability during this sector is at a far better position than it was during year 2008- 2010.

Despite the subdued economic conditions, developers have gone ahead with their plans and several other large scale residential property in Chennai are declared throughout FY 2012. The duration of witnessed the launch of roughly 14900 units that are scheduled to be completed within the next 2-3 years. This optimism shown by developers is also due to the very fact that the Chennai market is primarily self-sustained and not abundantly affected with the upheaval in world markets.

On the valuation front, nearly seventy four per cent of the total variety of residential units launched in FY 2012 fell inside the Rs Five million ticket size categories. Many distinguished developers strove to faucet the cheap housing section with their new launches. Another fourteen per cent of the residential property in Chennai were launched in FY 2012 belonged to the Rs 5.0-7.5 million ticket sizes, line of work to the wants of the higher mid-end section. On the opposite hand, simply nine percent of the full units launched in FY 2012 surpassed the ticket size of Rs Ten million to represent the premium section.

As of March 2012, nearly 82 thousand residential units are beneath varied stages of construction within the Chennai realty market. Whereas southern region can account for a major share of around fifty nine percent, west Chennai can contribute thirty three percent, followed by the northern region with five percent and central Chennai with three percent

An important trend witnessed is that the modification within the preference for unit size. The popular size for 3 BHK flats has accumulated from 1250 square foot to 1450 square foot whereas for 2BHKs from 900 square foot to 1150 square foot. The vacancy level as on March this year was recorded at just about thirty one percent with the southern part alone constituting thirty per cent whereas north and west metropolis have vacancy levels of thirty two percent and thirty three percent. Central Chennai contains a lower percentage of twenty two percent.

Chennai’s residential market has been quite resilient to the looming threat of world economic turmoil however the market witnessed a dip in sales speed in Q3 FY 2012, compared to the previous 2 quarters. It’s been envisaged that the corridor between Sholinganallur and Thiruporur within the southern belt will be next investment destination for residential property in chennai. One more choice is that the Sriperumbudur-Oragadam belt towards the west that is one of the most effective choices with huge manufacturing corporations and MNCs expanding their footprint there.

Ways To Determine if it is The Perfect Time to Purchase or Build a Home

Maybe you are a first time buyer or maybe looking to update your present circumstances, the purchase of a residence is a big decision which will take some thought prior to making a jump into this type of big purchase. There are some points that you may think about before deciding if it is the ideal time to invest in a brand new home.

First of all, you need to consider the money situation you’re presently in. It is important to have funding readily available for a down payment, and you also need to be sure you will have sufficient income to pay for the home loan as well as other home owner fees each month. If you’re not sure about your financial situation, talk with a financial consultant to find out what your overall financial circumstances is like.

It is also a great idea to take into account the length of time that you may be located in the area. If you are intending to remain in this area for beyond 5 or 10 years, then it may make sense to shop for a property instead of paying for rent. But, if you are only looking to stay there for under five years, than a much better plan to rent mainly because it will probably be less expensive.

An additional factor to consider prior to committing to purchase your house, is the living costs in the community where you would like to move. Sometimes, you’ll be able to lower your living expenses by simply moving into another section of town. For instance, properties around the outskirts of town will often be cheaper than the purchase of a property that’s in the middle of a large metropolis. So, look at just how essential location is, in comparison with the actual area where you are interested to buy.

Also, don’t fail to plan for your immediate future. Quite a few people make the error of buying a basic property that’s too small, only to realize that they have to move within a few years in order to have sufficient room because of their family members. If you’re planning to expand your family before long, then it is better to choose a home that could be large enough to allow for new little ones in the house.

An important element in choosing a brand new home is to be sure that you’re in love with it, because you will be residing there for a long time! It is best to take your time in the purchasing approach to be sure that you get your dream home, so that you are content with your investment.

Origination of New Generation Builders in Pune

Pune property market has been remodeled in less a decade and also the credit goes mostly to the infusion of fresh talent into the industry of real estate. There is no progress without any amendment and it’s change that the new generation of developers have brought with them. They need a recent outlook on the real estate business and also the vision and zeal of youth on their aspect. They come from numerous backgrounds – some are the scions of existing real estate considerations and a few are fully new to the field.

In my opinion, those that have the advantage of continuing in established family businesses have had a large advantage. They need the advantage of an existing business foundation and a loyal business. In India, the name and credibleness of a development firm is constructed over many years, and customers learn to trust sure brands for their tested adherence to construction, quality locations and after-sales service.

However, even brand new entrants in the field are creating a mark and that they are seeing plenty of fine work happening from them. They need the advantage of entirely breaking the mould and beginning out from the bottom up, with fresh ideas and innovations. They’ll build their businesses to their own specifications, decide their own employees to take care of and build their own vernal edge and incorporate business practices which can generally meet with some opposition in older corporations.

No matter what background they come from, the new generation of builders in Pune these days have invariably had opportunities to a lot of cutting edge education and a lot of exposure to the world of real estate markets. Several of them have traveled extensively and have seen new and modern ideas in residential property in Pune, and also in additional advanced countries. They’re able to bring these ideas to the table back home and adapt them to Indian needs. For an example, the ‘green homes’ and ‘smart homes’ revolution in India is basically due to the very fact that the new generation of builders in Pune have recognized the importance of those new ideas in India.

Young minds think alike, it’s generally tough for the older generation of builders to fully grasp the wants of present age. Pune could be a town where youth drives everything in terms of growth – from the IT and IT enabled services sector to retail and automotive manufacturing. We discover that the spirit of youth has to be effectively taken and translated into today’s home styles and also the new generation helps us to try to do this effectively.

Meanwhile, due to the infusion of vernal talent into the business, the older generation of builders in Pune is learning to alter with the times, once it involves the planning of homes, to promote their merchandise to the correct client phase and to bring higher potency to overall business operations. This matters plenty in an exceedingly individualistic market like Pune, wherever these younger Top developers in Pune have already created a large distinction. If builders glance at what Pune property market offers these days and compare it with what existed solely 10 years past, there’s visible and profound amendment in virtually each aspects.

Builders currently have sleeker, higher construction techniques, more efficient designs and also the introduction of green and smart homes. These residential property in Pune are designed and built for a younger, alot aware generation of patrons who understand what it suggests that to need a lot more out of life.